Practice areas

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Civil Law

In the area of civil law, we offer legal advice principally in the fields of law of obligations, property law, land registry law, inheritance law and family law. Within this framework, we draft all types of civil contracts and other private documents. Our attorneys regularly represent clients in civil, criminal and administrative procedures as well as in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia.

Commercial Law

The diversity of content within commercial law is our challenge. On behalf of our clients, we set up companies of all legal and organisational forms, offer advice on modifying the contracts of members, memoranda and articles of association, as well as in reconstitutions and alterations to equity; we draft and examine all types of commercial contracts, provide representation at general meetings of joint-stock companies, prepare documents for lodging claims in insolvency proceedings etc. In addition, we represent our clients as business entities before courts of law.

Commercial Criminal Law

Due to the increasing abuse of rights deriving from commercial law, counselling in the field of commercial criminal offences has become an indispensable part of our legal services available to business entities.

Labour Law

Our counselling in the area of labour law covers the preparation of internal labour acts, examination and drafting of employment contracts, representation of clients in individual and collective labour disputes, representation of employees in procedures for exercising their rights etc.

Corporate Law

Our services in the area of corporate law cover counselling with regard to the establishment and reconstitution of companies as well as their liquidation, including the preparation and presiding over of general meetings, and the coordination of the required procedures with the register of companies. With legal entities, such counselling also involves services from the field of securities law, financial law, competition protection law and legal advice in case of a dispute between business entities.

Takeovers and Mergers

We offer our clients legal advice in capital integration processes between companies, which includes counselling about asset and shares transfers, mergers, takeovers, restructuring and joint ventures. This service is available for operations in Slovenia as well as abroad.

Competition Protection Law

Compliance with the rules of competition between companies remains a challenge even now that competition laws are being harmonised at international levels, especially within the European Union. In fact, individual states create local laws that should be paid particular attention to in cross-border counselling, such as we provide for our clients. Our team of experts ensures effective action against infringers of competition rules and representation in judicial proceedings for alleged violations in this area.

Intellectual Property

Our office has extensive knowledge in the field of intellectual property rights, which includes patents, supplementary protection certificates, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications, copyright and related rights, rights to registered topographies of integrated circuits; this is all property that requires efficient protection. Our office counsels clients on the efficient exercise of such rights, particularly in case of their infringement, as the commonly entrepreneurial nature of these rights requires suitable management. Our firm employs an expert in intellectual property protection law who can competently advise our clients based on years of practical experience.

Sales and Acquisitions

In cooperation with established experts in the fields of tax and financial advice and auditing, we counsel our clients in the acquisitions and sales of companies and conduct the related operations. In this context, we also provide due diligence services.

Bankruptcy Law

Attorney Andrej Toš is a holder of a bankruptcy manager’s licence with much experience in managing some of the largest judicial liquidations in Slovenia, including bankruptcies of banks and other financial institutions. We ensure our clients legal advice in lodging claims, and protect their interests in insolvency proceedings. Together with consultants, we draw up financial reorganisation plans prepared in accordance with the Financial Operations, Insolvency Proceedings and Compulsory Dissolution Act.

Tax Law

We advise our clients in assessing tax risks of individual transactions and represent them in administrative proceedings before competent administrative and judicial authorities. Attorney Andrej Toš has an M.Sc. in tax law, giving the office both knowledge and the practical experience in this area.

Real Estate

We provide legal counsel for the sales and acquisitions of real estate. Within our comprehensive service in this area, we perform verifications of the actual and legal status of the real estate in the land register, conduct negotiations, prepare contracts, carry out procedures related to the tax payable and the authentication of the contract, and arrange land registration. We also provide financial advice to investors in individual building projects.

Secured Claims

We prepare contracts and agreements intended to secure creditors’ claims and, when necessary, arrange the entry of claims in the respective registers (land register, register of companies, non-possessory liens register etc.).

Legal Representation

The attorneys and other associates of our law firm are qualified to represent clients before all Slovene courts of law as well as in administrative procedures before administrative bodies at all levels.