About us

Expertise, efficiency and professional ethics


Responsibility for the work is the basis for trust and cooperation. We believe that a total commitment to our tasks represents the sound foundation of good practice. Sensitive to society as well as the individual, we handle each case with accuracy and prudence, with a great deal of knowledge and enviable experience. The high quality of our services is the standard we are determined to stand by.


Toš & Partners was founded early in 1989. It developed from the independent legal practice of its founder, Andrej Toš, who decided in 2000 to make his expertise and experience available to his clients through a law firm.

Continuous learning

Toš & Partners is particularly dedicated to continuous upgrading of skills, providing its employees with the possibility of regular expert training and additional post-graduate education. We keep a rich legal library, regularly expanding its holdings, and, in keeping with one of the main principles of the firm, closely follow current local and international events. In our work, we are committed to the fundamental values that lead us on the path of our own vision.

The Toš & Partners is specialised in the area of civil and commercial law, and registered as a specialist in tax law under the provisions of Attorneys Act.


The founder of the law firm, Andrej Toš, holds a bankruptcy manager’s licence, which validates the company’s competence and credibility. We offer our clients a comprehensive service of legal counselling, representation before a court of law and administrative bodies. Expertise, efficiency and professional responsibility are our fundamental guidelines in the operation of the firm.


In accordance with its beliefs, Toš & Partners will continue on its path of responsible and professional work. Invaluable experience and ample knowledge remain the fundamental building blocks of the firm and combined with youthful energy lead to enviable results. Our professional team is made up of first-class legal experts whose ambition is to maintain our office among the top Slovene legal practices.